EXEO Modular Gaming Controllers

Exeo modular gaming controllers are a range of motion sensing controllers that allow the gamer to make his own customized controller for every different game. These modules can be used individually or joined together to create a realistic and immersive gaming experiences. I have been lucky enough to have the project featured on Behance and Core77.

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Searching For the Invisible

Virtual reality has entered almost every industry. It promises full immersion for it’s consumers. A device tied to the face may provide the best visual experience but lacks in stimulating any other senses. To the left is Walter Pichler's Portable Living Room from 1967 which was essentially a comment on how media and technology were isolating and insulating viewers from the wider world and rather than enabling them to participate in it. Fast forward to 2017 and the Walter's depiction has taken the form of VR,


What drives gamers to play games?

Before going any further, I needed to find out what motivates gamers to play games. So, I got involved in the gamer community online and interacted with gamers on Reddit by asking them what motivates them to pay games.

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1) Escape
2) Problem Solving
3) Living a story

The biggest reason for gamers to play games is the fact that it is an escape from the real world. They liked the two way interaction that books and movies don’t offer and are excited by the idea of creative problem solving.

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User categories from left to right -  Game Tester, Tech Geek, Hardcore Gamer, Wanderlust, Softcore Gamer, Socializer

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EXEO - Modular Controllers

EXEO is a range of modular gaming controllers focused on providing ultimate realism to the gamers of today by recreating in-game interactions in real life. This means that if you are playing a medieval game, you should feel like you're holding a sword, and if you are playing a racing game, you should feel like you're holding a steering wheel. 

EXEO has 3 primary modules -

  • Brutus (The big brother)
  • Velox (The agile one)
  • Terra (The ground hugger)

The 3 modules are designed to cover a large variety of motion controlled games including FPS, Sports and Strategy.

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Essential Electronics

Each module will host a processor and a high accuracy accelerometer and gyroscope module. A wireless sensor and a lithium ion battery will ensure seamless wireless connectivity. Additional multi colour LEDs will help bring the ingame feedback closer to the user.

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Custom Configurations

The gaming experience comes to life when the gamers use their imagination to create a new controller by combining multiple modules. This encourages creative problem solving, not just in-game but in the real physical world as well. This results in various custom configurations, the options are unlimited but these are just a few examples to inspire the creators.

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