A watch is a complex object. The greats say that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. What would a watch designed to embody simplicity look like? Divided/By watch concept is a personal project that lasted two weeks and was done as sequel to one of my previous watch projects. Divided/By project was featured and published on Yanko Design on 29th Oct, 2016

story 5.jpg

Where there is light, there is shadow

Divided/by watch takes inspiration from the simplest natural phenomenon of representing time, that is the phenomenon of light and shadow. Shadow cannot exist without light and the combination of both helps us understand the volume of anything in nature.

Divided By 1 fixed web.jpg
Divided By 5 Back web.jpg
Divided By 2 -Time.jpg


Wrapped with soft fabric, DIVIDED/BY has two rings underneath that read the hours and the minutes. The vertical crown aims at creating an exclusive design language while also asking questions to the the more popular way of placing it.