A4 Backpack

“Thousands of bags in this world, yet none can take care of my papers”. Designers love sketching, either in their notebooks or on papers. What would a bag designed to hold papers to eliminate the need of envelopes, cardboard paper boxes, etc. look like? A4 backpack is a quick 1 week individual project that pushed me to find a simple solution to a common problem.

Bag analysis1.jpg

Bags vs Papers

Bags and papers are enemies. There are no compartments for loose papers and the soft nature of bags result into crumpled paper. A lot of people purchase cardboard envelopes or paper tubes just to keep their papers safe


Just Essentials

The meaning of essentials has changed and objects like headphones and hard disks are increasingly becoming a part of it. At the same time water bottles, etc. are going away. This regular observation was made through studying the contents of majority of design students at my design school.



Ideas were directed to storing papers safely while exploring various possible silhouettes of the bag. Different typologies were explored to find a bag that represents young designers and students.

Sketch slide web.jpg
Bag sketches 2 web.jpg
Reveal web.jpg

A4 Backpack

A bag for young designers to carry their loose work papers along with their daily essentials safely. Not too alien, not too familiar. The A4 bag keeps a trendy persona yet differentiates itself from the plethora of bags out there.

Explain web.jpg
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